Pre-Primary Admissions: Pre-Primary days are the back to School days where Learning used to be fun. These are the precious years of a child wherein they get to know about education, friends, teachers, school environment and many more things around them. Parents nowadays are very particular about the admissions of their child into a good Pre-Primary Schools or the reputed schools which have Pre-Primary admissions also. The only reason for a good Pre-Primary School is so that the child becomes comfortable with the outside environment and can be accustomed to the School Environment. Through this article, we are giving an overview of the various aspects required for Pre-Primary Admissions such as Proper age, finding out a good school, education system etc.


Criteria for Pre-Primary Admissions

Age Limit: There is no as such criteria for Pre-Primary Admissions. It is the initial days of schooling and hence all schools welcome the kids happily to be a part of the learning system which is made fun for them specifically.

  • The Child should be attaining an age of at least minimum of 3 years at the time of admission or at the time when the session starts.

Why it is important to have a proper age for Pre-Primary Admissions: 

It is important to have a proper age of the child while he/she starts the early Education because of the following reasons:

Thinking: By this age, the child generally develops their thinking abilities. They start to understand small concepts like body parts, colors, fruits, numbers, alphabet etc.

Playing and Learning: Child generally likes to go to a place where Learning is Fun. At this age, the child will like playing with others, learning a rhyme through actions, coloring with crayons etc.

Talking: Around 2-3 years, the child generally starts talking 2-3 words and making small sentences such as I want water, go Toilet, not well, want to eat etc. Though there are specialized teachers handling Pre-Primary kids, getting to know small words makes the child more comfortable.

Moving: At this age, your child might be able to walk properly and will fall less. Some of them can even jump, run and do activities such as catching/Throwing a ball etc.

Everyday Skills: The Child also starts following simple instructions such as wash your hands, drink water, eat snacks etc.

All these skills help the child overall development and make the Learning fun for them.


Finding a suitable School for your child during Pre-Primary Admissions

With so many choices around for parents, it is really difficult for the parents to take a decision on which school to prefer for the admissions for their young one. Here are few tips parents can keep in mind while opting for Pre-Primary Admissions:

  • Hygiene of the School: This is the most important aspect for parents, as the child is first time getting out of their safe hands and parents should consider this as their first priority.
  • Pre-Primary Trained Teachers: Should enquire whether the school has Pre-Primary trained teachers, as that kind of teachers, are specifically trained to handle the kids of that age group in a proper manner.
  • Adequate Helpers: Child may need help at any point of time, whether adequate helpers are there or not parents should be enquiring.
  • The locality of the School: Parent should always consider having a school which is nearby to their residence. At this age, the child should not be tired of traveling. It should be a fun ride for them. Also, it should be at a safer place.


Method of Learning in Pre-Primary Schools

It is very important to have a child-friendly learning system in Schools. Some of them which the Parents can keep it in mind are:

Audio- Visual Method: The early development of a child depends a lot on this method. It is said that the whatever the child listens at this age, picks up very fast. So, nowadays schools are preferring to have Audio-Video systems in place so that it is not only engaging for a child but also fun to learn. The colorful pictures, music, movements etc everything is quite interesting for them.

Learning through activities: This has a greater impact on child mind. Making a child learn through activities is a great fun and engaging at the same time. Activities such as coloring a Mango yellow or an Apple red relates to the child that these fruits have a specific color.

Learning Concepts: Concepts are the proven way of learning things. Concepts such as if a child wants to write letter “A”, they should be using concepts of using two slanting lines and one sleeping lines. This helps the child to write in more easily and the effective way of learning.


Parenting Tips

We have taken through the stages of your child when they get into the world of Education, here are few tips which can help at the early stage of child development:

  • Let them make friends and let them play with others.
  • Keep in mind that they are still at learning stage so, do not expect anything which you are expecting from an elder kid.
  • Talk to your child and keep interacting, it is a great way to improve language skills.
  • Encourage your child if they have learned any new skills.
  • Be a friend to them, take out time to play with them.
  • Read stories, sing a song along with them, watch child-related programs with them.
  • Share and educate good and bad habits.
  • Never ever compare your child with anyone, each child has a unique quality and that should be appreciated.


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